Legacy Blog #102 - "They Just Keep Moving the Line"

Chances are if you're not a school leader, master teacher, instructional coach, or District Representative... you didn't attend the 2017 Teacher Leader Summit hosted by the Louisiana Department of Education. Aww, didn't get an invite? Never even heard of it? Don't worry, Legacy was in the building! Whoop-whoop! 

    The Summit was held on June 6-9 at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Teacher Leaders/Raging Cajuns from all over the state of Louisiana flooded into the Big Easy to attend seminars about the (not so easy) upcoming shifts and changes in education. Yes, hold on to your hats because the info we heard will blow you away! Or, maybe it'll just make you face-palm yourself a little too hard. Anyways...

     We attended about 10 seminars over the course of 4 days. Although, day 3 was strictly reserved for the absolutely necessary , girl-power inspired viewing of the new Wonder Woman movie. (Hey, you have to be well rounded people to work in this field). Yet, whether a seminar was about school accountability, LEAP 360, or culturally responsive teaching, the overarching theme appeared to be "We're raising the bar, so step ya game up"!

     For some that's a good thing; a great idea! The state of Louisiana is expecting much higher performance on statewide assessments and all around growth from students and educators in K-12. Hip Hip Hooray! But if you're a teacher or any other educator who won't hear this message until Staff Orientation in early August, it could very well be stress inducing and overwhelming. New curriculum? Modified evaluation rubric? Changes to the School Performance Score calculations? Cue panic attack!       

      No, just me? Okay, well then back to these new "shifts" in education... I'll just mention a few below and if you are like me and you already know you'll need more information before it's SPRUNG on you when you least expect it, contact us at Legacy Inventive Solutions for Schools, LLC. We're here to explain it all in layman terms, help you or your school develop a plan of action, and provide continued support throughout the school year to make sure you're still rocking it out and raising that bar... OR we can simply talk you down from pesky devil in your ear whispering "Run, run away and don't look back"! 

                            In case you missed it... Changes in LDOE


  • "A good goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot"
  • 50% Teacher eval, 35% VAM, 15% SLTs



  • Every Student Succeeds Act goes into effect July 1st
  • Higher scored needed to achieve A rating for schools
  • Adjusted school rating calculations to reflect growth/progress
  • New expectation is Mastery by 8th grade
  • 8th to 9th grade Carnegie units increase from 5 to 6
  • English I now an EOC course 
  • ACT scores increase from 18 to 21
  • ELL students will be counted after 3 years
  • Goes into full effect in 2022


Supporting SOCIAL STUDIES and SCIENCE in schools

  • SWBAT Use sources regularly (incorporated into a STRONG year-long curriculum) 
  • SWBAT Make connections across time and space, across disciplines
  • SWBAT Express informed opinions based on source text 
  • Use OUT = Opening Up the Textbook Model
  • Develop assessments with added performance tasks 
  • Lessons based on scope and sequence/ GLEs


K-2 ELA and MATH Formative Assessments

  • Leap 360, Eagle, DRC Insight access
  • Use instructional tools like rubrics and checklists to develop rich SLTs
  • Incorporate task into your curriculum not as a separate assignment
  • Ask open ended questions
  • Provide opportunities for reflection/discussion 
  • Use student responses to guide questions
  • Use vocabulary words in different context to expand understanding 
  • Daily Outline helps with pacing and lesson plan, daily student expectations, Scaffolding from oral responses to written ones

Check out some cool posters and information from the Summit below: