Legacy Blog #104 - “Dare to surround yourself with individuals who are ALREADY where you want to be”

When you think of what you want to be in life, do you think of a title or a description?

Do you aspire to be a teacher, principal, leader, tutor, mentor, coach, therapist, counselor? Or is it more important to you to be known as a dreamer, a planner, a doer, a successful person with your head in the clouds but feet planted firmly on the ground? I would argue that any career title isn’t as important if you don’t have an inspiring description to back it up. If we’re completely honest with ourselves, wasn’t the reason you wanted to be a (fill in the blank) because of an amazing person who did it before you? You know… that legendary mentor or role model who made it appear as if what (s)he did was the ONLY thing worth doing in life. I can’t stress enough how absolutely essential it is for educators to have mentors and support if they wish to be effective and inspiring role models to the people they encounter daily.

 That’s exactly why mentorship was a founding principle on which Legacy Inventive Solutions for Schools, LLC was founded. We’re thrilled to announce that Legacy held it’s very first Open House on July 11th , 2017! Young and old, seasoned and new educators came in to tour the Legacy Lab. The presentation was insightful and interactive. The conversations were relatable and uplifting. Annnnd… I must say the lunch was delightfully scrumptious! But more importantly… the community of educators gathered together in one space was electrifying. Each person felt comfortable enough to ask questions, share experiences, and enjoy a safe place of like-minded individuals.  It’s amazing how small the education circuit really is… everyone appeared to be connected in one way or another! It was truly a lovely day for a much-needed event.

Missed the Open House? More events are on the horizon! Stay tuned in to our website and keep an eye out for our flyers around the city to make sure you’re a part of the wonderful movement taking place at Legacy!