"If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader."


Everyone can recall the teacher who was amazing, went the extra mile, cared about each student, smiled, coached, challenged their thinking and instilled a real sense of pride and ability to achieve. For me, in Kindergarten, Ms. Delome taught me to love learning because she cared, showed love and compassion. Her class was so exciting because it was filled with lots of singing and fun! In 1st grade, Mrs. Stevenson taught me to read, which open my eyes to a world outside of the confines of my impoverished community in New Orleans. In middle school, Mr. Miller taught me that only I could put limits on myself and that I could achieve anything I set out to accomplish. In high school, Mrs. Castille, Mrs. Huval, and Mrs. Clay would help to birth the leader in me. They encouraged me to develop my social justice side.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans exposing the need for educators to continue the fight for quality education for all students. I was determined to be a positive agent for change in my city. I knew if I followed in the footsteps of all the legendary educators who shaped my life, I could make a difference.

By the time I began my teaching journey at 21 years old, I continued to form relationships with strong teachers like Mrs. Benoit, Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Hebert who mentored me. These teachers, leaders and educators are Legends in my book. They have made such a profound impact on my life, that as an educator I have projected their teachings on the students I have served.

I have spent more than a decade committed to educating students, coaching and supporting teachers, and ultimately leading a school. Through this journey, I have continued to learn and grow. Through the growth process, I have discovered a number of areas in our current educational landscape that are in need of true support, such as new teacher professional development programs, a need for an in-school teacher pipeline, and customized programming to meet the individual needs of the schools. After a lot of thought and prayer, Legacy Inventive Solutions for Schools was born.

Legacy is grounded in true commitment to educational excellence through instilling confidence, creativity, competence and continual growth into the eductors we serve. We work in collaboration with schools to meet the goals they have set, by providing support and solutions to the challenges they face, through research based approaches and practices. The imprint that is left on students, schools, and others is largely dependent on the decisions that educators make daily. Legacy is committed to working relentlessly in partnership with educators to ensure you are meeting your goals each day! We look forward to partnering with you to leave a lasting impact on your students that is legendary!

History in the making,


Ronicka Briscoe

Chief Solutions Strategist